botanoo - Free Standing Stand (Hand Sanitizer Stand)

botanoo - Free Standing Stand (Hand Sanitizer Stand)

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botanoo a perfect balance between nature and hygiene. The design covers all the aspects of hygiene including masks, sanitizer, tissue, and trash bin. The unit comes with our proprietary ARM PUSH dispenser allowing an economical contactless dispensing experience, a sleek tissue box, pegs for mask dispensing, and a trash bin. Its bundled with planter boxes that keep the nature element alive in the design.

Height – 6 ft | 72 in | 1800 mm
Width - 3 ft | 36 in | 900 mm

Mild Steel (MS)

Highly visible
Install any ARM PUSH holder
Easy to install

What you get:
1 QTY – Metal Stand
1 QTY – Universal Tissue Box Holder
1 QTY – Trash Bin Holder
1 QTY – Big Planter holder
4 QTY – Small Planter Holder
1 QTY – ARM PUSH holder 500ml
8 QTY – Pegs for Mask

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4-7 days from the confirmation of the order

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