growello - Free Standing Stand (Hand Sanitizer Stand)

growello - Free Standing Stand (Hand Sanitizer Stand)

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growello is ideal for high traffic areas. The designs allow enough privacy maintaining the social distancing principals at the same time comes with a 4 Way lit branding box giving ample opportunity to spread awareness of safety. The unit comes with a dripping tray as an integral part of the design. The dispenser mounting mechanism is compatible with all leading brand dispensers.

Height – 6 ft | 72 in | 1800 mm
Width  - 4 ft | 48 in | 1200 mm

Mild Steel (MS)

Highly visible
Install any dispenser
Easy to install

What you get:
1 QTY – Metal Stand
4 QTY – Universal Dispenser Panel
4 QTY – Universal Tissue Box Holder
4 QTY – Trash Bin Holder
4 QTY – Big Planter holder
4 QTY – Snap Frame branding panel

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4-7 days from the confirmation of the order


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